Best Of A Scooter
Fused With The
Best Of A Bike

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Zike Bikes

Low Center of Gravity
Makes Balancing Easy
For Super-Safe, Speedy Ride!

  • Best of Scooter Fused With Best Of Bike
  • Stand-up Ride With Powerful Paddle Pedals For Max Thrust
  • Turbo Propulsion System – Step Left, Step Right – Peel Outa Sight!
  • Adjustable Handle Bars
  • Full Size, Air Tires Great For On Road & Off
  • Folds Down For Easy Transport
  • Rave Reviews WorldWide

The Stand-up Ride That Let’s You
Zoom, Weave, and Fly!

The Best Of A Scooter
With The Best Of A Bike.
It's The Radical New Zike!

Introducing Zike, the totally awesome new way to go faster and have more fun. It’s best of a Scooter fused with the best of a Bike. With Zike’s unique turbo-propulsion system, you simply step left and right, and peel out of sight. The extra wide, paddle size pedal give you maximum thrust to fly up any hill and zoom faster than ever before.

Zike’s precision handling lets you weave and zoom with wild moves to add to your tricktionary. Get Big Air. Try Cool Spins. Go over ramps or go as fast as you can. Plus Zike’s full size, hybrid, air tires are also great for any off-road action with your friends on unpaved trails or around the park.

And if you need to stop, Zike’s dual-disk hand brakes keeps you in total control. Best of all, Zike Folds Up so it’s easy to fit in the car and take with you anywhere.

Zike is so radical, it’s already legendary with worldwide rave reviews.